Following on from my recent posts where I have asked my readers what they would charge for certain products, I continue that series with something a little larger. This time I am asking what you think a home owner should be charged for one of these:

This is our newest addition to our outdoor showsite, and has replaced a tired looking White PVCu gable fronted conservatory that very much represented products of the past. This what it looked like before:

We all know how home owner demand has changed in recent years. Solid roofs, brick walls, aluminium frames, dedicated columns, internal pelmets have all combined to change our conservatories into a much more relevant, modern, comfortable product to work with. It’s why I refuse to call them conservatories, as the image above looks far more like a proper extension than a plastic white box.

But before we move on to the poll, here are the specs of the glazed extension above that you need to know before you place your votes. The roof is a WARMroof solid roof product by the good people at Prefix Systems. It went up in no time. We used Smarts aluminium products too. There is a four section bi-fold to the front, with a fully glazed return each side. There is a single fully glazed aluminium door to the right hand side, and a small aluminium window on the left hand wall. All are Anthracite Grey internally and externally. The aluminium products also came from Prefix Systems.

The size of the extension is just a little over 3.5m both ways.

We were very happy with the transformation, and has certainly grabbed the attention of visitors as they come into the showsite.

DGB Tech

The poll

For clarity, the question I am asking here is what you believe a home owner should be charged for the above glazed extension by an installations company. Your chosen cost on the poll below should include all base work and building work, the window and door products, the solid roof, plastering, electrics, flooring etc. Basically everything that needs to go into building one of these things, without the paint and furnishings. Take into account the size of the one above too.

Here are your options:

I have included quite a lot of price options as I am expecting quite a varied selection of choices on this one. I also welcome your comments on this subject matter too.

As I plan to do with my other posts of this kind, I shall reveal what we would charge at our place for this product in a later post. But it will be interesting to see the extremes of what people think home owners should be paying for what is a much higher end version of a conservatory.

I maintain that products like these should be being sold with good margins. These are all high end products that go into the making of a glazed extension like this, so you would expect to see higher prices being commanded by such a structure.

As always, comments on this and any other post on DGB are welcome via the section below. Happy voting!

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