As the National Fenestration Awards enters it’s sixth campaign, the awards are happy to announce that leading online fenestration publication DGB is to become it’s official digital PR outlet.

Following on from another year of massive growth for the digital fenestration platform, DGB’s expansive and varied audience makes it a perfect fit to spread the positive message of the NFAs across the whole industry.

What does this mean?

Any and all official press releases, statements and general awards news from the NFAs will be published solely by DGB. PR and articles sent in by sponsors of the NFAs, or those companies paying to have their PR published will continue to have their content published on the NFA site itself. But DGB will have the sole right to publish all official news that comes out of and from the NFAs.

After lukewarm support from various media outlets, the National Fenestration Awards has chosen to focus their promotional and news efforts completely within the digital sphere. Recognising that readership of sites like DGB continues to grow rapidly year on year, combining that with a much more interactive environment the digital media brings with it, it makes sense to create this new publishing partnership now.

A new NFA hub will be created on DGB to collate all published content for future browsing.

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Digital magazine

This new publication partnership with DGB isn’t the only digital avenue the NFAs are pursuing. Launched late last year, and set to grow strongly into this coming campaign, the NFA Digital magazine is the awards’ own bespoke fenestration digital publication.

It brings a mix of news from the awards itself, PR and articles from sponsors and companies looking to use the magazine to spread their message to the wider industry. It also includes a healthy mix of opinion, guest columns, special features and editorial too. Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Windowbase, the NFA Digital magazine goes out to a massive industry database, in such a way that is better for the environment too.

Deadline and publication dates for NFA Digital from the February edition onwards are due to be published on the NFA site soon. Advertising slots, including front pages, quarter, half and full size ads, as well as PR will be available.

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