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Across all industries more and more companies are spending their marketing budgets with online advertising, including our own sector. And with DGB growing every year, with an audience that is predominantly made up of systems companies, fabricators and installers, this is an ideal time to join the ever growing group of companies promoting their brands on DGB.

Unlike other platforms, it is first come first served per niche. For example, there will only be one composite door company or sash window specialist advertising at one time. That does a number of things, including avoiding any potential conflicts between other similar companies, as well as making each advertising slot that bit more exclusive!


If you’re considering boosting your online marketing presence, then it’s worth looking at some of the key DGB stats to help guide you.


Page views: 239,982

Visitors: 184,756

Unique Visitors: 118,705

Average time spent on site: 3m 21s

And these are my 2018 targets, along with projected figures according to the site data so far this year:


Page Views target: 300,000 (projected yearly figure: 311,923)

Visitors target: 225,000 (projected yearly figure: 240,253)

Unique Visitors target: 165,000 (projected yearly figure: 163,769)

So, DGB is well on track to smashing all 2017 stats, I just need to up the unique visitors projections but other than that 2018 is going to record huge growth by the end of the year.

For advertisers, this means major exposure to an industry audience that is made up of systems companies, fabricators and installers that make up over 74% of DGB readers. The rest are a mix of sub-sectors of that, such as hardware suppliers, machinery companies, colour specialists and other media outlets. This is a ready-made industry audience.

DGB Tech

Available slots

These are the available ad slots right now on DGB. The ones labelled as reserved are those where companies have shown an interest in the slot but are as of yet to confirm:

  • spacer bar manufacturer
  • industry exhibition (reserved)
  • machinery company (reserved)
  • aluminium systems company
  • transport solutions
  • arching company
  • timber fabricator
  • steel fabricator
  • racking/storage solutions
  • glass systems company
  • 3 x weekly DGB email ad slots (revised down from 4, 1 place now taken)
  • recruitment agency
  • sash window specialist (reserved)
  • hardware supplier/manufacturer

All advertisers get the following:

  • animated GIF advert on all DGB pages
  • unlimited advert and URL changes throughout the term
  • unlimited PR publication on DGB
  • all content published is promoted on DGB’s Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts
  • all published content is included on weekly DGB emails which are sent out every Wednesday morning
  • dedicated page accessible from the top menu which collates all published content, includes “about us” text, profile image and contact details

A password-protected rates page can be found here: https://www.doubleglazingblogger.com/advertising-packages/

If you are interested in advertising on DGB please email me on info@doubleglazingblogger.com or direct message me on Twitter for the password to the rates page.

I will be pushing this quite heavily over the next few weeks, so if you see a slot that fits your company, please get in touch as soon as possible as it is first come first served and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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