You might have seen the list of services on DGB grow in recent times. DGB People has been the most recent addition to the site, documenting the fenestration sector through the prism of people.

Less immediate additions have been things such as DGB Jobs and DGB Events. The Jobs page has been particularly successful since it’s launch and continues to get weekly vacancies added to the page from companies looking to fill roles. I will be looking to expand that before the end of the year by adding a CV upload service within DGB Jobs, something I am not aware is being done by anyone else at this moment in time.

So, in an effort to keep DGB as broad and relevant as possible, I am happy to talk to you about a new planned service called: DGB Products.

DGB Products

The page isn’t live on the site yet so don’t worry you’re not missing anything! DGB Products I intend to be a service where companies from across the UK fenestration sector can send me their PR on any new products they might be launching or have already made live to the market. The industry remains diverse and ultra-competitive, with diversification still in 7th gear. I want to be able to create a space on DGB where readers can scroll through a detailed archive of news articles which records all the new products coming to market.

There are resources like this out and about on other websites, but I have yet to add a service like this to DGB, so it’s about time I did. In reality, the amount of work involved to set up and maintain something like this is minimal. The page itself won’t take long, and the product-based content is going to be largely sent to me via other companies either on a guest article basis or good old PR. I simply publish it like any other post I would on DGB and then the DGB Products page collates it all there. Consider it more of a new products directory.

It won’t be just a PR library however. I will continue to do my own personal product reviews and they will also be included on DGB Products. In the coming days and weeks I shall be going back through previous content and re-assign that to be included within the new DGB Products to help get that page up and running. Can’t be running a new service on here without anything to read!

I will aim to have this live in the coming few weeks. If time allows then I may be able to get this live in days rather than weeks, but my schedules are rather busy and rather messy at the moment so I won;t be holding my breath!

DGB People


As well as launching a new part of the website, I shall be doing some housekeeping at the same time. This will mainly entail trying to tidy the whole site up across the board where it’s needed. DGB Products for example will pretty much rid me of the need to keep a Reviews section on the home page, so that will probably go. I’ll be looking to condense some pages where they need it, and update any and all information on all other pages to make sure it’s current.

DGB Stats for example hasn’t been updated in a while, which is criminal for me really because my stats this year have been very good indeed. So that will need a bit of TLC.

I’ll also be updating some of my other services that I have been slowly working on in the background that you won’t have seen. Once I have managed to progress those on a bit further then I’ll provide an update on those as well.

Once DGB Products is ready to go I’ll make it live and will post the new links across all of DGB’s social media channels. It will also appear on the main menu of the site just underneath the logo. I will however need to find a way to make sure that menu continues to look neat and tidy, because as more DGB services come online it’s going to look pretty crowded up there.

For those interested and looking to submit product-based articles, please begin emailing them to: and include at least one image to be used as the featured image of the post. Please also note that this new service will not have any impact on the current sponsors and advertisers on DGB and all PR sent in by all advertisers will be published as normal, regardless of any PR that is sent in to be published on DGB Products.

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