This is a press release by Warmseal

Warmseal have released a statement today on their acquisition of the SafeGlaze order book, and as promised, I am happy to report on this new information, which will hopefully shed more light on the matter for home owners who have been caught up in this ongoing story:

Home improvement specialist Warmseal is closer to its objective of being a national force in its industry, after securing the £5.5 million order book of SafeGlaze UK which went into administration on October 30.

Over 2,000 customers will be contacted within the next week by Warmseal’s specialist customer service team to discuss dates for the installation of their contracts.

SafeGlaze was a Bradford-based double glazing company that designed, manufactured and installed UPVC windows and doors and had eight sites across the UK.

Steve Miller, director, Warmseal, said: “We are delighted to confirm we have acquired the order book that existed at the time SafeGlaze went into administration. First and foremost, this is great news for customers that have placed orders and will have been very concerned as where they stood. We will be making contact with them as a matter of priority to discuss and book in their installations.

“Since its formation in 1992, Warmseal has become a highly respected and powerful brand in its traditional northern heartlands. We have been expanding our reach to other parts of the UK and through a mix of organic growth and acquisition we are rapidly becoming a national brand. The opportunity to assist the customers of SafeGlaze – which was a very big player in the market – came at the perfect time for us and we are very keen to fulfil all obligations to them as soon as possible.

“Our culture is based on traditional values. Our salespeople are respectful and fully aware that for most people home improvements are major financial outlays. The strength of our reputation is very much a combination of our softly, softly sales process and the proven quality of our products and after sales support. We do not haggle or play cat and mouse with customers, we do our research and put forward our very best price. If it is not right for the customer we then very respectfully step away.

“As we grow our brand nationally our culture and core values of honesty and decency will guide all our relationships with customers, suppliers and third parties. Our aim is to bring a new era of integrity to the industry and we want to establish a set of standards that truly distance us from the rest of the market.”

Customers requiring further information should contact Warmseal customer services on 08007838341 or email

DGB People

A path ahead

I have spoken to the team at Warmseal, they have already put in a place a dedicated team and worked out a system in which to deal with as many customers with ongoing contracts as quickly as possible. I have been told the numbers, and it’s no small task by any means. It really will be all hands to the pumps to get home owners engaged with the purchasing process again and to try and restore some faith in our industry.

This has to be the most typical “double glazing” thing to happen. The same old story of a company using the old archaic ways to win contracts, and then the company going bust leaving in it’s wake a huge mess for other companies to attempt to try and clean up. It’s what has contributed to the tarnished reputation of the industry, one which it has worked hard in recent years to shake off. Hopefully the work Warmseal does from here on in helps to repair some of that damage and shows to home owners that we’re not all that bad out there.

As for the staff who used to work for SafeGlaze, it is worth speaking to the team at Warmseal. This is a significant order book to work through, and they will likely need extra staff, be it in sales, on the phones, installation etc to get the job done. Call them on the number above and see what opportunities lie there.

Personally, I am happy to see a silver lining come out of this debacle. Too many of these scenarios end with no good news, this time it’s different.

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