Nothing too taxing for your weekend reading. I saw this video on Friday and thought it was worth sharing with you lovely people.

We’re all aware of the role health and safety measures play in daily life. They’re designed to make the work place safer. There is no doubt that working in 2019 is WAY safer than working in the 1930’s for example.

You can imagine the health and safety measures required when it comes to glass testing in the modern era. We wouldn’t want to be putting people at risk from shattering glass. I mean, you wouldn’t dare dream of testing bullet-proof glass by putting a person’s face behind it and shooting a gun at it from close range…

Wow. Even back in the day, which I think could be in the thirties in this video, this is rough.

The other thing this could be is marriage therapy. It says in the description of this video that the guy shooting the glass is married to the woman behind the glass. She must have really pissed him off the other day.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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