Lets be up front, your company is probably looking at increasing digital marketing in 2019, and I have a large number of advertising slots available on DGB to allow you to do that.

Prices are the most competitive in the industry, and what you get for your money is far more comprehensive than anything else in the industry. So, below are the slots that are available right now:

  • machinery company

  • online marketing / PR

  • aluminium systems company

  • ancillaries/trims/trade counter

  • transport solutions

  • arching company

  • timber fabricator

  • steel fabricator

  • racking / storage solutions

  • glass systems company

  • weekly DGB email adverts

  • lead generator

  • recruitment agency

  • reinforcement supplier

Unlike other media sites and publications, it’s one company per niche. So it’s first come first served. Once a position is filled it will only become available again if the existing client decides not to continue.

DGB had some incredible stats in 2018, in which I will go into more detail in my full site review coming up in the next couple of weeks. But for now, these were the major metrics for 2018 that matter:

  • page views: 314,459
  • visitors: 243,107
  • unique visitors: 169,446

DGB had major double-digit growth in 2018 compared to the year previous, which means those who chose to advertise on the site were seen by even more people than the year before. This year I am hoping to break the 350k page view mark for the first time. I will set out in my targets properly for 2019 in a post in the coming days.

Whilst page views alone are great, it’s where else your content gets published which is important too. All pieces of PR published are automatically circulated on my three social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. All of which now have significant followings, especially Twitter and Linkedin. All published articles are also automatically included on my weekly DGB newsletter which goes out every Wednesday morning. This is approaching 2000 subscribers strong now. But the key factor with my newsletter is that all those people are industry related and have chosen to subscribe by choice. The open rate and reading rate is far higher than the industry average because I’m not using a generic database. It means those who advertise with me have their content read by a significantly higher percentage.

You can find out more about what full advertising packages entail by clicking here.

I have some great plans ahead for DGB, not just this year, but in the years to come, and I am looking to promote some of the best companies and brands out there with it. So if you see a slot available above that suits your company and you’re looking to boost your digital advertising, please get in touch with me via my email address: info@doubleglazingblogger.com.

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