For a bit of fun, I tweeted a poll to my followers asking whether they thought MPs in Parliament had a better or worse reputation than the double glazing industry. Given the state of politics right now I thought that this might be a good time to see if our industry had managed to climb up the league table of least hated industries. Surely this was an open goal we couldn’t miss?

No. It wasn’t.

Who has the worst reputation?

DGB Stats

A bit of fun

Now, in no way am I claiming this to be scientific evidence that our industry is in fact held in higher regard than MPs and Parliament. Although, given where we are, I think it would be a safe bet that Parliament is flat last with the general public when it comes to reputation stakes.

Still, only 70-odd people voted, and my followers list is made up of mostly window and door industry related people, so hardly unbiased. I would have been more surprised if the gap was closer than it was.

This was only a bit of fun. On a more serious note, our industry continues to have some serious internal problems that it has to deal with if we are to get the general public to change their opinion of us. Issues such as customer service, hard-sell and high pressure selling tactics, poor product quality are among the many problems that have combined to give our industry a poor image in front of the public.

At least we can say we’re doing better than politicians!

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