Ever seen the live page features on news sites when something big kicks off? The BBC has a live page feature for many sub-sections of it’s website, including it’s business pages and local/regional pages.

Given how active our industry is online, especially on social media, I thought it might be a good idea to trial such a service on DGB.

Fenestration Live

I have launched a live page channel called Fenestration Live. You can go straight to it here, or find it in the menu above.

If you have seen the live pages I run during the FIT Show exhibitions or other big industry events its a bit like that. My Twitter feed is connected to it, as well as a few other relevant social feeds that I can filter content from to the live page. I can also post updates to the feed manually, if I feel like chipping in with some info or opinion that hasn’t come from social media.

The aim of the page is to bring more of a “live” feel to industry media coverage. As you know, on DGB I try to post something every day from myself. If you include paid content then that is certainly the case. But during the course of a day a lot is said and published within UK fenestration media. Some of it important, some of it not so much. What I want to try and do with this page is to provide an even more immediate feel to industry media coverage. I won’t be updating the page every second of every day. However, what I will be doing is filtering and posting to the feed what I think is newsworthy and relevant to the industry and the readership of DGB.

As always when I try something new, this will be trialled for a short period to see if this is something I can build successfully, and if its something you guys read and want to keep reading.

Also, this will become a service that will have a sponsorship opportunity. So if you’re looking to increase your brand’s digital presence, please get in touch.

I hope you enjoy viewing this new part of DGB, and all feedback is of course welcome.

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