This is a sponsored article by Glazpart

Glazpart’s link vent is ready to repair all those broken or damaged window vents by installers and fitters from trade counters. At home the kids hang off them, footballs miss the goal and accidents just happen! Just think how many hundreds and thousands of vents need repairing across the country!

So, you want new vents, what do you do? Where can you get a replacement? This is where the problems start. What size is it, will it fit over the routs, how do I fit it, can I do the DIY, can I get the vents to match the window colour? With well over 100 different products on the market most end up with unsightly repairs or mismatched vents.

Extending the companies Packers for Professionals range of installer consumables the RMI version is designed to replace the old 4000 and 2000 vents with up to 13mm routs. Simple to fit the link vent can replace most trickle vents installed since they were introduced in the building regulations over 20 years ago.

With up to 48 different variations, trying to source the same replacement vent is a costly minefield. Who wants to carry every potential design of vent? So, carry one, the Link vent, the 5000 covers most 4000 vent details and in most cases our independent tests show a better performance than those being removed.

So, you only need to have the Link vent in its two sizes to cover all! Fitting is simple as all the configurations are designed in and just take a few minutes to fit. The vents are delivered partially assembled and all the fixing points have been designed in a combination of clip and screw fix positions. That’s why the 5000 vent has 13 fixing positions, to cover all possibilities.

Many fitted windows also have those old standard 4 colours fitted to them, brown on Golden Oak, yellow on Irish oak, black on grey and how many other mismatched solid colours against the frame colour. 99% will be white, but the link vent is available to order in 30 colours including woodgrains.

According to Dean Bradley – Sales and Marketing Manager

“The new version of the link vent addresses a need in the market that has benefits for trade counters, distributors, installers, fitters and home owners. Air quality improves with a product with very low air leakage and a wide-ranging colour palette. Whilst stockists minimise stock investment, maximise stock turn in a new market niche.”

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