The fenestration industry doesn’t really do product warnings. Such a thing would be most familiar with the automative sector, where almost yearly car manufacturers issue some kind of recall to repair or replace faulty products.

But last Friday Velux issued a product warning. Here’s what they said.

Statement from Velux

Here is the product warning they issued:

VELUX has issued a product warning concerning a specific variant and specific sizes of roof windows sold between 1997 and 2003 in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. We have decided to issue this warning due to an increase in implosions of these  We would urge any affected customers to get in touch with us, so we can arrange a visit and replace their panes free of charge.

VELUX takes the quality of our products seriously and has decided to issue a product warning to inform our customers.

To determine whether you have one of the affected panes in question in your roof window, please follow these steps:

window howto

Check whether the width of your pane is between 39 cm (15,5 in) and 61 cm (24 in).
If it is, please continue to step 2.
If it is not between 39 cm (15,5 in) and 61 cm (24 in), your pane is not affected by this product warning.
Open the window and turn it through 180° to its cleaning position.
Locate the pane code on the spacer (metal strip) inside the pane and write it down.

If your window has one of the affected panes, please contact us immediately. We will arrange an appointment to visit and replace the affected pane, at your convenience, using a new VELUX pane with laminated inner and toughened outer sheets of glass. We appreciate the inconvenience this may cause you. Please contact our dedicated 24 hour team on 0345 111 4414.
We recommend that customers act on this warning.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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The sounds of it Velux are replacing the defective products free of charge with a better specified product, which is a solid gesture from the company. Lets hope not too many home owners and companies are affected and all defective producte are identified and replaced as soon as possible.

See the Velux product recall statement here

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