As we creep closer to 2020 we’re finding out more about Garnalex, the brand new aluminium systems company formed by industry pioneer Roger Hartshorn. We know they were going to be launching their brand new aluminium system, alongside an existing trade offerin. Well now we know what their brand new system is going to be called: Sheerline®.

This was their announcement.

Sheerline® by Garnalex – coming soon!

Garnalex, the company that’s been attracting attention for the sheer scale of its investment in aluminium, and its ambition to re-invent aluminium windows and doors from the ground up for the 2020s, will launch its innovative Sheerline® window and door system in Q1 2020.

“Garnalex’ team of technical experts has redesigned the aluminium window from scratch, and the Sheerline system will revolutionise the way aluminium windows are fabricated, installed and sold,” says Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn. “We’re on a journey to transform fabricators’ and installers’ experience of buying aluminium systems and aluminium windows, by making them easier, faster and better to fabricate and install, and by making it easier to sell residential aluminium windows and doors. We also set out to create a very beautiful window, designed to appeal to installers and homeowners.”

Garnalex will begin extruding the Sheerline system in Q1 2020 at its state-of-the-art Nether Heage factory, on the grounds of the former LB Plastics site. The Sheerline name has close ties with both companies, as Roger explains: “LB Plastics, which is now part of the Garner Holdings group, originally registered the Sheerline name in 1971. Sheerline is the ideal brand for a new state of the art aluminium product range and I’m delighted this name is a nod to the two companies’ linked heritage.”

Fabricators and installers can find out more about Sheerline from Garnalex and see #HistoryInTheMaking by signing up to Garnalex Ambassador workshops which start this December. The Garnalex window is fabricated quite differently from standard aluminium windows, so fabricators and installers will need to use special tools and bespoke software. We’re running these workshops so they can learn how, and visit the state-of-the-art factory. Contact Sales and Marketing Manager Eilidh Hudson at or visit for more information. Follow @GarnalexSystems and @SheerlineSystem.

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History with future

I like how they have chosen a name with historial roots. Whilst they are developing a product which they hope will transform how aluminium is made and sold in the fenestration industry, the Sheerline® name already has heritage. Its a nice feature.

The company remains on message: new products, easier to make, easier to sell. Aluminium remains a distant second in the residential market, you get the feeling that with Sheerline® Garnalex is perhaps aiming to “do a PVCu” and turn it into a much more mass-market offering. If aluminium is to achieve what PVCu did in becoming a mass-market product, then it is indeed going to have to be easier to make and easier to sell. Thats what was so good about PVCu. It was easy to make and sell, which saw it take over as the main residential fenestration material.

It will be interesting to see where they are going to come in on price. They’re spending a lot of money, they need some ROI to make this work. With it being aluminium, there is the general opinion that higher prices can be commanded from the general public. Make it too expensive however and it will struggle. Nor does it want to be too cheap. I have often lamented the tactics of this industry in not selling at genuine, profitable prices. So there is going to need to be a balance. If they can sell profitably, but ensure they are within touching distance of the PVCu market, and the product is good, then there’s going to be a new dynamic at play in the residential part of the market.

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