These are the views from Certass posted to its members on the Certass TA Forum:

Working in People’s Homes

Following calls with government this morning there is a new position enabling glazing installers to work in the home, but comes with some information that needs to be understood:

  • If the R rate exceeds 1 then the situation will be re-evaluated
  • All tradespeople need to follow H&S guidance when working in the home (see our Method Statements)
  • Government does not accept liability for the spread of the virus that may be caused by tradespeople working in the home
  • The government believes that tradespeople are more likely to maintain safe distancing and practises than people meeting up with their family (hence differences in restrictions)
  • Tradespeople should keep documentary evidence to protect themselves from liability as it may be requested at a later date
  • It is understood that the infection rate will increase
  • The ability to work in the home is for England only
  • If your business decides it is too risky/unsafe to work then the financial support schemes remain available

What will Certass be Doing?

Certass will be issuing the link to Method Statements to use when working in the homes and with consumers this morning. Please use them as they provide you evidence to support yourself.

There are a few questions to answer that relate to information government is keen on understanding but the information given to government will be percentages and not individual responses.

This guidance will be reviewed on a weekly basis due to the continually changing situation.

We will be offering Webinars later in the week concerning any issues surrounding use of the guidance.

** It should be noted that this new position has already been challenged and there are further calls today, but it is likely government will defer to the science which will be the infection rate and ability to control the death rate.

So, in summary, the choice is yours but be aware that restrictions may be back in place shortly as many experts believe this will create a second wave.

This is a brand new update from the article I published yesterday, which you can read here. This is a major shift from the guidance that was due to be given to members today. The picture has now changed significantly from yesterday. In effect, the green light has now been given to installers, but with the onus of responsibility totally on the installer and company. What is also very important from the above is that this guidance is for England only. It will be up for the devolved Governments of the UK to communicate their messages to their own regional bodies.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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