Purchasing new windows and doors for your home is one of the biggest and most expensive home improvement projects you will carry out. The amount of choice available in the market has never been bigger and every window and door installer offers something different.

Here are five top tips to consider before choosing your new windows and doors for your home.

1.     Do your research on new windows

This is a big purchase and will have a big impact on your home. Be sure you do your research on windows and doors at the start of your buying process.

The internet is your best tool for this, especially social media platforms. You can see examples of work done by individual companies, especially on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Be sure to check out the reviews on each company as well.

Consider things such as:

  • Age of the company – are they experienced?
  • Reviews – what are people saying about the business?
  • Product range – can they provide solutions for all your requirements?
  • Warranties – find out what guarantees are on offer

The more research you do, the better informed you will be. It will also be more helpful to the company when you get in touch with them. The more you can tell them about what you’re looking for the better they can tailor their product and service to you.

2.     Consider your window and door designs

Following on from that first point, it’s key to think about your style of property and what styles of windows and doors will suit your home the best. Doing your research will help with this. You’ll discover what type of window styles and designs are available, what colour options are out there, what door design will catch the eye.

Colour is a huge element of window and door design. White is no longer the default choice for most people. At least with doors. Colour is a huge motivator for changing windows and doors in a home and picking the right colour can completely transform how a home looks and feels.

Be sure to explore all the options available from your chosen installer to make sure they can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

3.     Certification bodies

There are a few certification bodies in the window and door industry:

  • Certass
  • Network VEKA
  • Corgi Fenestration
  • TrustMark

Each one offers something different to companies that are signed up to them. But the key point here is that window installation companies of any quality should be signed up to a certification body.

By being a member of any of the above, window and door companies have to ensure their installations meet certain Government regulations requirements and their work is of a certain standard.

Installation companies that are signed up to certification bodies are checked on a regular basis by these bodies to make sure they are working to set standards and carrying out their work. It’s important to choose a company that is signed up to one of these bodies so you can ensure the best chance of having quality work carried out in your home.

4.     Think about your timing

The window and door industry is incredibly busy right now and lead times for fitting are extending quickly. If you’re thinking about replacing your windows and doors then consider how long you may have to wait.

If you’re wanting to upgrade your windows and doors while the weather is good, you’ll need to place your order most likely in the spring to be able to guarantee installation before the end of the summer.

For some context, pre-pandemic lead times were on average 4-8 weeks. Meaning homeowners purchasing new windows and doors wouldn’t have to wait too long before they saw them installed in their homes. Now, due to exceptional demand and unprecedented strains on the domestic and global supply chain, 12-16 week lead times are becoming the norm. If you want your new windows installed before the Winter months, time is of the essence.

5.     Get a range of quotes

With the amount of choice and options available in the market, it’s important to get a range of quotes so you can compare what each company offers you and how best their solution suits your home.

For example, what one installation company offers as a product range may not be what another one can offer. You need to make sure that whoever you choose ticks as many of your boxes as possible. Both from a product and customer service point of view.

Budget is also another consideration. Prices are likely to vary so it’s important to understand the product being offered so you understand why one might be more expensive than another. In this industry, you tend to get what you pay for. Whilst one company might be cheaper, they may also offer a product that doesn’t quite match others in terms of quality. You may be able to save money, but also consider what you might be sacrificing in doing so.

Finally, pick a company that you feel most comfortable with. Many small to medium-sized installers operate a no hard-sell policy. The sales process is often a relaxed affair where the person coming to do the initial survey will want to ask enough questions to be able to work out a quotation, but won’t pressure you into a sale right there and then. Many will email a quotation over and wait for you to get back to them. Do not feel pressured to go ahead with any company until you are confident of your decision. Some still operate “sell on the night” type tactics which are designed to commit you to a sale on the first visit. If you are not comfortable with this you need to make this clear to the person or company.

The buying process of new windows and doors is a much more exciting prospect than it used to be. The amount of choice and personalisation available makes it a far more engaging and worthwhile venture, and the right product and design choice can really transform your home.

We wish you well on your home improvement journey!