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External Condensation On Windows

Over the past 10-15 years, with the advent of more thermally efficient windows, one phenomenon has become more and more popular across the country and that is external condensation. That is condensation that forms on the outside of the outer pane of newer double glazing. But why does it happen? When can it occur [...]

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Record Window And Door Demand And Rising Prices: What You Need To Know

Right now, demand in the window and door industry has reached record levels and it continues to rise as we head into the warmer months. Whilst this is good news for the industry, there are a number of important things the consumer and homeowners should know about what is happening in the window and [...]

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Top 5 Tips When Choosing New Windows And Doors

Purchasing new windows and doors for your home is one of the biggest and most expensive home improvement projects you will carry out. The amount of choice available in the market has never been bigger and every window and door installer offers something different. Here are five top tips to consider before choosing your [...]

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Trickle Vents: All You Need To Know

What Are Trickle Vents? Trickle vents are adjustable vents that sit at the top of a window or door that allow ventilation to enter a home or building. Small holes are routed out at the top of the window frame or sash that allow air to pass through. The trickle vents are clipped on [...]

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