The entrance door market continues to be one of the most competitive within wider fenestration, with innovation almost constant. One of those innovations has been the Avantal range from Endurance, which takes the aesthetics of aluminium and combines them into its composite door.

We have one fitted in our showroom and this is my review of the Avantal composite door.

Avantal a natural step

There are several threads of growth within the door market right now. The composite door sector has been growing for very long time and continues to do so. Aluminium entrance doors are also on a march as well.

The Avantal composite door, which combines the composite door product with aluminium aesthetics is then the next natural step for the composite door market. There is wisdom in composite door manufacturers to amalgamate USPs from other areas in order keep the growth of the composite sector going. Plus, products like Avantal are there to meet a growing demand for products that are either aluminium, or at least look like aluminium.

There are currently five designs in the Avantal range at the moment:

I hope in time that the range is expanded and more styles are added. Perhaps some more traditional designs to sit alongside the super-modern options, just so that they expand the appeal to more people.

My personal favourite is the Vega, with the single long unit down the middle, coupled with the long Brushed pull bar handle, there is a nice simplicity to it which I think works really well.

Build quality and options

Avantal finishes

The finish on both the frame and slab is very fine and is a good replication of an aluminium door finish. There are no woodgrain textures to the Avantal range, just smooth colour-matching finishes to the door and outer frame.

The glazing comes enveloped in aluminium cassettes which have a premium feel to them, and the glazing in the Avantal doors is either clear or full Satin, but both are triple glazed as standard.

As per the rest of the Endurance ranges, the Avantal range is made with the usual solid timber core slab with the in-built moisture barrier surrounding the slab. I helped lift the door into place in the showroom, and I am certain that the Avantal door was heavier than normal. That, or I’m getting unfit again. Either way, you can expect the usual solid build.

The Avantal range uses the BLU Stainless Steel hardware range from Coastal Group. We have the lever handle in the showroom, but the range also comprises pull bar handles and various lengths and escutcheons. I like the lever handle option, but I think the pull bars offer the most modern look which is the overall aim of this door range.

Realistic price point

This is perhaps a pertinent subject considering the backdrop against which we are trading in, but after pricing some of these up, I can say that this is an aluminium-effect door that comes in at a price point which makes this a realistic option for installers to sell at.

Previous attempts at a product like this got the price point way off. Far too high. Although the Avantal range is more expensive than other Endurance range composites, it’s only a few hundred pounds. It means it places nicely in the gap between the cost of a composite door and the cost of an aluminium entrance door.

The rise in aluminium is undeniable. It will grow in an industry that is set to go through some tough times. But the reality is that not every homeowner who wants a new front door will have the budget for a full-fat aluminium entrance door. They will however want the aesthetics, and this is where the Avantal range comes into its own.

Smooth finishes to frames and slab, contemporary hardware, aluminium cassettes around the glazing and ultra-modern door designs give a client the looks they want, on a budget that gives them access to the range.

I hope that the Avantal range from Endurance takes root. I would like to see more designs added to the range in the years to come. Sales will have to be strong in order for the range to grow, but I think that given the direction the sector is going in, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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