Review: Opus Looks To Up The Luxury Glazing Stakes

If you're a fabricator looking to stand out from the crowd when that crowd is becoming increasingly vocal and diverse, what do you do? You up the ante. And with Opus, this is what Prefix Systems is aiming to do. Known as the largest fabricator of Ultraframe products, Prefix have invested their resources to produce [...]

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Origin Announces Two Game-Changing Products

Origin, makers of some of the most renowned bi-folding doors and the company that turned lead times on it's head, have revealed two new products that they say are two firsts for the window and door industry. These products are Twin Flush and Aerogel. Lets take a look. Twin Flush Not hard to guess, [...]

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Window Ware Launches Libra Smart Cylinder – The New Innovative App-Controlled Smart Lock from Italy

Window Ware is pleased to announce a new product launch, the Libra electronically operated smart cylinder lock from ISEO. Recent years have seen the rise of near field communication (NFC) enabled devices such as transport card readers, computer game figurines, and quick contactless payments. Now the same handy technology can be used for [...]

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10 Window And Door Products That Will Change The Industry

Following on from my ten window and door products that have changed the industry post from yesterday, as promised, here is my list of ten window and door products that are going to change the industry. For clarity, this is a list of ten window and door products that have either just recently launched in [...]

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