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As we approach the spring, many homeowners will be looking to update their homes for the year ahead.

And now, premium window and door designer The Residence Collection has worked with interior design experts to identify the top six interior design trends in the UK, providing advice to help our installers when speaking with homeowners on which windows to choose that meet top interior trends, and explaining why The Residence Collection windows are an intelligent choice.

This year’s hottest trends, and which windows perfectly complement them, are:

  • Country Cottage

The timeless Country Cottage, or Cottagecore, trend in interior design captures the cosiness, comfort, and rustic beauty of a classic cottage. The R9 window in English Oak is a perfect choice to fit this trend. Our R9 system embraces modern manufacturing and celebrates the techniques of traditional British craftsmanship for a classic aesthetic and has been installed in Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings across the UK.

  • Art Deco

Throughout the 1920s, moody colours, jewel tones and geometric patterns dominated Art-deco designs, and the style has been revived today. Our R7 collection is a great choice, in part due to the choice of contemporary colours like Noir, Rosewood, and Eclectic Grey that will all match this interior style perfectly.

  • Biophilic

Bringing the outside inside with natural materials, a modern colour scheme, and plenty of natural light streaming through your windows are the principles of Biophilic interior style. The R9 window in Irish Oak is a perfect fit for the trend, with a neutral and authentic wooden finish and high-quality performance.

  • Dark Academia

Dark academia is all about creating a moody, comfortable, and atmospheric room that makes you think of a library or study. The R7 Window in Noir is the perfect accompaniment to Dark Academia style. With an unsurpassable depth and an almost velvet quality, this true black is a luxurious window colour that helps create a real sense of atmosphere.

  • Newstalgia

The interior design trend known as “newstalgia” combines retro and vintage furnishings with modern accents and is a wonderful way to showcase homeowners’ individuality. Carefully designed to replicate 19th-century timber designs with modern innovation, Our Residence 9 collection is a clever blend of old and new, like Newstalgic design, while Honey Oak is the perfect retro finish.

  • Japandi

With a focus on minimalism, a clutter-free environment, and functional furniture, this interior design blends Scandinavian functionality with Japanese minimalism. The neutral shade, Clay, is ideal for Japandi styling, and with sophisticated innovation and technological advancements, our R7 collection is a perfect fit for Japandi functionality.

Biophilic infographic

Other benefits when considering The Residence Collection are clear. At The Residence Collection, we offer three collections, R2, R7, and R9 all with dedicated door sashes for open-in, open-out and engineered doors. The R9 collection is our original timber alternative window, designed to authentically replicate 19th-century timber windows and designed to embrace modern manufacturing. A traditionally elegant flush exterior and stylish decorative interior give R9 its classic aesthetic that’s perfect for the country cottage interior trend, while all glass sightlines are perfectly equal, providing symmetry.

Our R7 collection has flush sash finishes inside and out, giving the R7 its modern appearance and versatility to be used for a wide range of properties and interior trends, such as art deco and dark academia.

Our R2 collection is a perfect combination of modern materials and classic functional styling, with clean lines and a squarer aesthetic for a modern look and feel. R² has 9 chambers and is 100mm wide, resulting in superior thermal, acoustic, strength and security performances.

All three window systems have been approved and installed in Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings across the United Kingdom due to their true timber alternative look and are available in a range of colours, from authentic wooden finishes like English oak to classics such as Grained White and modern finishes like Eclectic Grey. The beauty of our collections is that customers can choose different finishes for the interior and exterior of their homes, and each window designed by us is made bespoke to each and every customer. This means homeowners have complete flexibility when it comes to window design and choosing windows for different interior trends and stylings.

Delivering incredible thermal performance and energy efficiency, all The Residence Collection windows are made using durable uPVC and achieve impressive A++ energy ratings. Our collections come with double or triple glazing as standard, with U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K with double glazing, and 0.74W/m2K with triple glazing. Our windows help retain heat inside the property and keep living spaces insulated.

Our windows are easy to install and have fantastic acoustic properties, as well as featuring the latest security, maintenance and performance innovations – so they deliver exceptional performance, as well as looking good and are in keeping with the latest trends.

Unique design features make our windows built to last, while our network of dedicated fabricators across the UK is on hand to help manufacture products for installers and builders.

Commenting, Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at The Residence Collection says: “Windows are integral to a home and can help to not only transform the look of a property, but quality of life for homeowners too. When looking to update and make changes on a property, whether it’s to fit current trends or not, we have pulled together this research for homeowners and installers to consider The Residence Collection and our versatile and comprehensive list of products.”

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