As part of the revolution in aluminium in UK fenestration, we are seeing a boom in the demand for aluminium internal doors. The steel-look internal doors, often popularised on image-based social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, are exploding and fenestration companies that at one point were only supplying and installing external-grade doors are quickly diversifying into this new niche.

Social media is a powerful thing, and trends are often spotted there before we even recognise them in our own sector. So how popular could they be?

Aluminium internal doors rush

Aluminium internal doors

Aluminium internal doors by Vitrine Aluminium

Aluminium internal doors aren’t exactly new. They have been around for a very long time and are a heritage product. But this is a product which demonstrates the power of social media very well. As I wrote about previously, most things have a cycle, and we are at the start of aluminium internal glass doors becoming popular once again, and the energy behind the trend has been put on steroids thanks to social media.

Instagram is a good example of a platform where you can see the rise in popularity of aluminium internal doors. My timeline is full of examples of homes with these doors, and companies who sell these doors. They are popular with interior designers and property developers and are certainly niche premium products that are aspirational to homeowners.

Only a few years ago there was a handful of companies selling aluminium internal door products. Now, as demand for the product has exploded, there is a real rush from all parts of the sector to take advantage of this new revenue stream. Suddenly, the internal door market, one which hasn’t been all that strongly associated with general fenestration, is finding itself being more closely aligned than ever before.

As part of our wider push on aluminium within our family business, aluminium internal doors are part of our three-year plan. I have to admit that demand for the doors was slow at first. Our own suppliers also admit that demand for aluminium internal doors is stronger in the south of the country than in the north. That being said the last few weeks have seen requests for quotes rise significantly. Either that is down to the advertising we’re doing, or perhaps a sign that demand in the north for them is starting to rise.

You can feel a genuine rush from the aluminium part of our sector to make the most of this opportunity though. Companies like Origin, Aluco, Vitrine Aluminium are just some of the latest companies to bring aluminium internal door products to the market and are finding great success with it.

How popular could they be?

The first thing to note is that these doors aren’t cheap. We’re dealing with a very different league of products and cannot be compared to regular timber internal doors which you can buy from the likes of B&Q and Homebase. So if you’re thinking of adding this product to your portfolio, you need to be ready to paint a picture of high quality and luxury to the end user before you hand them their quote.

That being said, aluminium internal doors are a luxury product and highly desirable, which means they can command a higher price and decent profit margin so long as they are sold correctly. I believe there is a great deal of opportunity in this niche. Fabricators and installers alike will need to look for new ways to generate revenue as general economic conditions continue to tighten. This is a product that is certainly growing and the demand is stemming directly from homeowners. That makes this an easy avenue to explore.

I would expect to see a significant rise in the number of companies offering aluminium internal doors in the coming years, with more aluminium systems companies bringing their own variation of the product to the market.

With this being a higher-end product, I cannot foresee installers on mass taking it up as an option. But the section of installers at the higher end of the market, chasing bigger and more profitable order values and aiming for the wealthier clients could find a lot of success by offering this product alongside the rest of the portfolio.

It would also be useful for installers to utilise the power of social media, especially Instagram, by making sure they post installation images of their aluminium internal doors when they can. If you look at social media posts with images of the products, they get pretty high engagement. It would make sense to make the most of the attention they are getting and generate further leads and revenue from it.

The future is bright in this part of the market as far as I can see and there should be a lot of success for companies who can take advantage of the boom at this early stage.

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