We have little more than a couple of weeks left before the nation goes to the polls to choose the next Government. If you look at the opinion polls at the moment, we could be looking at a record majority for Labour and a generational wipe-out for the Tories. Of course that is just according to the polls, but lets face it, it would take something earth-shattering for the Tories’ fortunes to be reversed at this point.

Now that all the main party manifestos (for what they are worth) have been announced and we have had a chance to digest the flavour of what is to come from the main parties, DGB is launching it’s own polling for the UK General Election.

Below are polls for each region of the UK and the main parties that are standing. These polls will run through to the day of the election and will hopefully serve as an indicator as to the voting intentions of the fenestration sector.

Whoever wins the next election faces a huge number of fundamental problems within the UK. Material change in people’s circumstances is going to be hard to achieve in the first five years of a new parliament.

Within the UK fenestration sector, we are battling a number of problems, including a chronic lack of skilled workers, subdued demand, higher labour and material prices just to name a few.

However, as is often the case, a new face in Number 10 can bring a brief bounce and honeymoon period. This might be able to inject some life into what has been a tough year for our sector so far.

These polls will run until the day of the General Election.

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