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Could Government Water Down Future Homes Standard?

Over the last couple of weeks there have been signals that the overall aims for the 2025 Future Homes Standard could end up being less radical than previously imagined. I have had a few conversations over the last fortnight, some with valuable connections to the right places, to indicate that despite predictions that the [...]

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Deceuninck Ready For Future Homes

With consultation on the Future Homes Standard expected to be launched imminently, Deceuninck has said that it is confident it will meet future requirements. Homes make up around 14% of all of the UK’s emissions. With a commitment to cut total UK emissions by 80% relative to 1990 levels by 2050 under the Climate [...]

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Ten Years On, The Triple Glazing Question To Return In March 2024

A decade on from the original event, warm-edge experts Edgetech will again be asking the Triple Glazing Question. On Wednesday 27th March 2024, the Quanex company will bring hundreds of leading figures from across UK glass and glazing to Coventry’s CBS Arena. Over a day packed with discussion and debate, attendees will assess whether [...]

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The Future Homes Standard Could Transform Glass And Glazing – Is The Industry Ready?

This is a guest article from Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson: Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson discusses the Future Homes Standard – which is less than two years away from coming into force – and asks whether the industry is ready for the changes it could potentially entail. UK glazing could be on the [...]

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Tougher Part L Requirements To Come Into Force Within Days!

Anyone supplying windows and doors into new build – including home extensions – has only days to meet tougher standards of thermal performance. The Part L new build transition period comes to an end on the 15th of June 2023. Unless a project breaks ground before the transition period ends, all windows and doors [...]

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VEKA’s Vision For 2025

With Building Regulations set to change again in 2025, VEKA wants to reassure customers that they are focused on preparing suitable solutions that will be effective across all market sectors, are fabricator friendly and will meet all required legislation. In 2025, the Future Homes Standard (FHS) will become mandatory, with the ambition that new [...]

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Industry Appears Divided On Approach To 2025 Future Building Standard

All eyes are on 2025. The Future Building Standard will be the biggest set of revisions to Building Regulations in a very long time and will force change and adaptations not only to the products within our sector, but the wider construction sector as a whole. As a result, we are beginning to see [...]

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We Need To Approach Trickle Vents From A Different Angle

The debate around trickle vents is morphing into one which will continue to rage within the sector, but actually go nowhere. The petition that was launched at the start of the year to try and force the Government to overturn the newly revised regulations stands at a grand total of 624 signatories. For the [...]

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Petition Launched To Change Regulations On Trickle Vents

In response to new Building Regulations that came into force in June 2022, requiring all window replacement installations to include trickle vents, a Government petition has been launched with the aim of reviewing these regulations. “Go back to original regulations” The petition, launched at the start of the year, aims to bounce the Government [...]

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Eurocell’s Future Homes Ready Modus System Continues To Lead The Market

With the introduction of the Future Homes Standard (FHS) just two years away, national housebuilders have been working closely with Eurocell to enable them to achieve energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets. The development work has been designed to successfully integrate Eurocell’s Future Homes ready Modus as a fully integrated window and door system. [...]

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Zero|90 Launch Events At Liniar Create Industry-Wide Buzz

Guest post from Liniar: Liniar, the UK’s leading PVCu systems company and a subsidiary of Quanex, launched its new Zero|90 and Zero|90R window and door system at the end of January to huge industry acclaim. Attended by more than 200 delegates over two days, the Zero|90 launch has caused a considerable stir in both [...]

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Could The Future Building Standard Be Watered Down?

Whilst the arguments over trickle vents continue to rage on, eight months after their implementation, attention has rightly turned to the next major set of revisions due to come into effect in 2025. The Future Building Standards, the new regulations aimed at vastly improving the energy efficiency of new-build properties, are set to see [...]

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The Time For Complaining Has Passed

Seven months after the implementation of the updated Building Regulations, which have seen lower minimum U-Values and mandatory trickle vents to all windows, I am still seeing plenty of complaints and anger towards the new rules. Whilst I can understand people’s frustration with the new regulations, I’m afraid I have to be blunt and [...]

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All Eyes On 2025

We’re still feeling the effects of the newly updated Building Regulations that came into force in June 2022. The main point of contention remains the implementation of trickle vents in replacement windows. However, we cannot remain fixated on the changes that have just happened. 2025 is going to see the implementation of the Future [...]

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Window Energy Ratings Need To Be Updated

I think the sector can think of itself in a new era. There will be the pre-June 2022 era, before mandatory trickle vents, and the post-June 2022 era which we are in now, where almost all installations of new windows include trickle vents. Seven months after the latest Building Regulations were implemented, our industry [...]

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#FreshAirFeeling – New Campaign For Better Ventilation In UK Homes

Sponsored news from Certass: Certass Trade Association has launched a new ventilation awareness campaign via its dedicated consumer site #FreshAirFeeling is a campaign designed to fill the consumer education gap on the regulations around ventilation that apply when making home improvements. To help homeowners and residents understand the importance of ventilating their properties [...]

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