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Why The Crisis In Ukraine Matters To You

As the shaky ceasefire in Ukraine is pierced by explosions, which will be blamed on both sides, it's safe to say that Europe probably hasn't faced such danger since the end of the Cold War. Russia continues to deny that their troops are on Ukrainian territory, although the whole world knows they're lying. Ukraine is [...]

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Greece Vote To Decide Euro Fate

Later today the Greeks go to the polls to decide who they want to form a Government and do their best for their country. Sounds simple. But this is probably the most important European election since the introductions of the Euro in 1999. The country failed to form a Government in the last Elections in [...]

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>Britain’s HUGE Stack Of Foreign Debt

>We have always focused on our own personal debt in this country. Things like credit cards, store cards and loans have always been measured and analyzed by the media and our Government. But an interesting feature on the BBC website this week shed some light on the foreign debt owed by Great Britain. Over the [...]

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