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No More Asbestos

What a pain in the arse asbestos is! Your heart drops the minute you see it. It caused us a real pain at the beginning of this week... We were working on a small job, just a window and an average length of roofline to replace at the front of a bungalow. I had sold [...]

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Woman Killed By Falling Window

We all complain quite regularly about the raft of health and safety figures that exist in this country. We often say that they hinder jobs getting done and only serve to get in the way. However, there has been a very sad reminder on 30th August of why these health and safety measures are in [...]

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>Dodgy Rooflines

>There is always one thing that gets me gears grinding, and that’s the white van men fitting soffits and fascias. What’s extremely frustrating is that the many of the reputable companies out there are losing so many jobs because of them. The reason? Scaffolding. I've never seen one single tower used when I've seen an [...]

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