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>Quality Counts Story Part 5

>It's been a few weeks since the last update, but I've been sent an update regarding the poor installation that is being documented on here:26/4/11...The installer has still not contacted me. So I rang them at 10.45 regarding the rear door which they left unusable. I was informed 'they would let me know when they [...]

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>Quality Counts 3

>This evening I have been sent two more images from the same installation as pictured in my other posts Quality Counts and Quality Counts 2.If these were one off problems on separate installations then perhaps this wouldn't be so bad, but, as the sender tells me, these are all on the same installation.You can have [...]

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>Quality Counts 2

>I've been sent another image by the sender who sent me the first image on the Quality Counts post:According to the sender, there are over 50 of these foil tears across the installation. Along with:The sender has said they will let me know the outcome of these issues.Again, opinions on these images are welcome!

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>Quality Counts

>I was sent this image earlier on today:What do we all think?The sender didn't say who the company was, when the window was installed or any other details.This is about as much as I can say about it, other than that screw should definitely not be there!

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