No More Asbestos

What a pain in the arse asbestos is! Your heart drops the minute you see it. It caused us a real pain at the beginning of this week... We were working on a small job, just a window and an average length of roofline to replace at the front of a bungalow. I had sold [...]

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Asbestos A Growing Problem

The age of health and safety and the growing blame culture is making installations become more and more of a minefield. You can't just go fit a window now. I heard a good anecdote earlier on today. We get told off for not using a ladder when we have to be half a foot off [...]

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>Roofline The Way Forward?

>This is a Google Trends search for 'soffits':Google Trends search for 'double glazing':Google Trends search for 'conservatories': It looks like we all need to start selling more soffits and fascias. They are by far the more popular home improvement search target of these three, and by some distance. It has exploded over the last year [...]

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>Rise Of The Roofline

>There has been a huge increase in the number of appointments being made to replace soffits and fascias. Probably for two reasons. The first being that on some properties it may be the only improvement left to do, the second being due to the crash of the housing market. People are improving rather than moving, [...]

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>Dodgy Rooflines

>There is always one thing that gets me gears grinding, and that’s the white van men fitting soffits and fascias. What’s extremely frustrating is that the many of the reputable companies out there are losing so many jobs because of them. The reason? Scaffolding. I've never seen one single tower used when I've seen an [...]

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