When Ultraframe launched their new product last year, they said that they wanted the Loggia to be the product that revolutionized the conservatory market. Indeed, according to their market research and their own beliefs, the conservatory market as we knew it was dead, and we had to play a completely different ball game if the glazed extension sector was to survive. They hoped that the Loggia would become a product that did just that. And it appears those gears and moving into motion.

We have had a Loggia on our showsite since January, as you will see as per the featured image for this post, and the post I did here. Since then, the response has been fantastic. We have 5 conservatories on display on our outdoor show site, and since the Loggia was completed, I haven’t seen a single person go in any of the others! It has been the main draw of their attentions. However, and most importantly, we haven’t quoted for a standard conservatory since the Loggia was put up. It’s not that we have been pushing people towards a quote for a Loggia, it is the customers themselves that are asking for them. Which is a very telling sign.

The one thing people have been most impressed by, apart from it’s looks, has been how warm it is. During all that snow we had on Saturday, we have a couple venture down to have a look at the Loggia, and they immediately commented that despite no sun, no heating, that it wasn’t cold! And truly it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t warm, not take-your-jacket-off warm, but not shiveringly cold either. Much better than a normal conservatory would perform under the same conditions. And this is one of the massive USP’s that I believe will help shift quite a lot of Loggia’s this year.

I think one area that Ultraframe could improve on is the aluminium cladding for the columns. If they were to bring it all in house they could remove some of the little errors that were experienced at the start. A company the size of Ultrframe would suit that. Other than this, I think they have the Loggia project running quite smoothly now. From what I hear from other installers, their feedback is just as positive and people are really warming to the idea of a Loggia quicker than any other new product!

Job well done so far I’d say!