>Idiotic Business Practise!

>There's one thing that is really bugging me at the minute, and that is short-selling. I know I have talked about this before, but I'm utterly bewildered by the fact that companies are still doing this in a time when profits absolutely MUST be made!We've had a company quote for a house full of windows [...]

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>Over £10 Billion To Repair Potholes

>This is a real pet hate of mine, as it probably is with all road users, but pot holes really are a pain in the backside!The problem is that to repair the 2.2million+ potholes around the country, it's going to cost £10.7 billion! Money that our councils have said they simply don't have.The potholes have [...]

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>Google Analytics, And A Bit Of A Moan

>A feature which I find hugely useful is Google Analytics. Simply copy their tracking code into either your blog or website, and it will automatically track the number of visits per day, where the visitors are in the world, how long they spend on your blog or website, how many are new visits, where visitors [...]

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