This is a real pet hate of mine, as it probably is with all road users, but pot holes really are a pain in the backside!

The problem is that to repair the 2.2million+ potholes around the country, it’s going to cost £10.7 billion! Money that our councils have said they simply don’t have.

The potholes have been caused by 3 severe winters in a row, and the running repairs done by the councils have been undone by frosts overnight. However, due to these potholes, there has been a rise in insurance claims due to damage done to cars by the holes. Tyres and suspension springs are at risk by going over particularly deep holes, and cyclists can easily be dis-mounted by riding over one.

The big question here is why our roads are in such a terrible state but other country’s aren’t. Scandinavia, Canada and USA all have far longer and colder winters than we do, yet their roads aren’t in anyway near as bad as ours. 

I’m sure many of you have cringed as you’ve driven over a pothole and your tyres and suspension have jolted, then driven much more tentatively for the next half mile to make sure that no lasting damage has been done to your car!