The Greatest Show On Earth!

Wow! What a last two weeks it has been! From start to finish, from the amazing opening ceremony to the equally amazing closing ceremony, these Olympic games has been something that this country can boast about for the next two decades and beyond! For me, it's inspired a nation. Tens of millions of us have [...]

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Olympic Spirit

Wow. Look how well we're doing! 3rd in the medals table behind China and the USA. This time four years ago in Beijing we had less medals than we do now! Britain has been utterly dominant in the Velodrome, in the rowing. But also now in the shooting and the road cycling. New things that [...]

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Olympic Offers?

UK patriotism is really getting into full swing now, whether you like it or not and whether you are a Royal fan or not, a very British mood is about to sweep the country. The Jubilee is on it's way, Euro 2012 isn't far away (although I don't hold much hope for any success) and [...]

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