UK patriotism is really getting into full swing now, whether you like it or not and whether you are a Royal fan or not, a very British mood is about to sweep the country. The Jubilee is on it’s way, Euro 2012 isn’t far away (although I don’t hold much hope for any success) and the biggest sporting event in the world, the Olympics is around the corner. So what are you going to do as a business to capture this rise in spirits and make the most of it?

In a previous post I wrote I explained that during national events like these, our industry always seems to go quiet, then it wakes back to life when it’s all over and people get back to their normal routines. But I have been told this won’t be happening this time and that businesses will be trying to make the most of the spectacle. So, will you be holding special offers to mark the events, such as one free windows for every gold medal Team GB wins? Or maybe free bevels on every door unit every time England scores a goal in the Euros? Probably won’t give away many bevels if you use that last example!

If people are in good spirits, the theory is that they are more likely to spend their money. So providing there is success for the country during these sporting events, companies could cash in on the happy mood. As far as windows go, I don’t know how much an an impulse buy they are. If England do well, people will go out and buy lots of beer and lots of food for parties. But I’m not sure they will go out and rush to buy a house full of windows and doors. Maybe I’m being a bit cynical and just refusing to see the link.

Whatever happens, I hope the busy start to 2012 continues all the way through these national events and that high productivity continues!