DGB Tech: Tesla’s Revolutionary Solar Roof To Launch In Second Half Of 2017

Last year I first wrote about the revolutionary Solar Roof product by the guys at SolarCity, which is a Tesla company. You can catch up with my initial thoughts on that product here. Well, the product has been given a little bit of limelight once again. Tesla has just announced a number of Q4 [...]

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DGB Tech: Amazon’s Echo And Alexa Review – Fits Right In

If you're thinking of buying a new gadget this Christmas, either for yourself or for a loved one. Amazon's Echo with Alexa would be a very good place to start. We have been using and living with it for the past two months or so, and as the title of this post suggests, it [...]

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Tesla Announces Solar Powered Roof Tiles

Just the other day Tesla, Elon Musk's company famous for it's electric cars and home battery system, announced what I believe could be a game changer for the wider construction sector, and the UK fenestration market too. They announced glass roof tiles with in-built solar panels. This is what they look like: Credit: [...]

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DGB Tech: Ring Shows Us The Future Of The Door Bell

The humble door bell has been around in the UK for many, many years. It's been a staple of British door ways for two hundred years. Yet, as the entrance door has evolved and improved over time, the door bell has been left behind in the evolution race. Currently, most UK are doors are [...]

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How Drones Can Transform Glazing Industry Marketing

Technology is a wonderful thing is it not? It has helped advance humankind in all kinds of ways at such a speed that many would not have thought possible just a decade or two ago. But it's one specific area of technology that has inspired this post, and that is the rise of the drone. [...]

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DGB Tech: How Technology Has Influenced Our Industry

This is perhaps the most modern minute in the history of the world. That's no exaggeration. Technology is constantly evolving. Making the world a smaller place thanks to better communication. Making transport quicker and more efficient. Making business a 27/4, 365 days per year cycle. Our industry is no different and technology has, and continues, [...]

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What Happened To LinkedIn?

When I first joined LinkedIn, I remember explicitly someone telling me that I should be very careful what I post on there. If I joined groups, to keep it strictly business and nothing else. Apparently people got a bit twitchy if the conversation turned away from business and on to others matters like sport and [...]

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Ultraframe’s New Sales App Records 250+ Downloads In A Single Day – Does This Signal A Change?

Ultraframe's new sales app has only been out for 24 hours, yet over 250 retailers have already downloaded it. If you attended the 2016 FIT Show and visited the Ultraframe stand you may well have seen the preview of the app, as well as giving their brilliant £20 VR headset a go. I gave [...]

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FIT Show Review: The Tech

When it comes to technology and windows and doors, the link between the two has been weak at best. As a tech lover, you can imagine frustration at how slow the industry has generally been in adapting their products with 21st century tech. So you can imagine my surprise and enjoyment when I saw the [...]

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These Windows Made With Silver Promise Super-Quick Transition

Technological advances in glass are moving at an incredible pace. Perhaps faster than in any other part of the wider fenestration market. And that innovation continues with a product developed across the pond at Harvard University. Researchers there claim to have developed a new type of glass unit, inclusive of silver sprayed nanowires, which allow [...]

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Caterpillar’s New S60 Phone With In-Built Thermal Imaging Camera Could Be A Rep’s Next Gadget

Are you a sales rep? If so, have you considered using thermal imaging as part of your sales demo? If you have but thought it was too expensive, then be prepared to have your mind changed. Caterpillar has brought out the world's first smartphone with an in-built thermal imaging camera and some damn good specs. [...]

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How Will Lead Generation Look In The Future?

It's fair to say that the internet has changed everything. It's changed how we entertain ourselves. It's changed how we buy goods and have them delivered. It's changed how re research people and companies before we buy things. And it is this latter change that has prompted our own industry to embrace the power of [...]

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Window Ware Launches Libra Smart Cylinder – The New Innovative App-Controlled Smart Lock from Italy

Window Ware is pleased to announce a new product launch, the Libra electronically operated smart cylinder lock from ISEO. Recent years have seen the rise of near field communication (NFC) enabled devices such as transport card readers, computer game figurines, and quick contactless payments. Now the same handy technology can be used for [...]

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Corning: The Glass Age

If you're reading this very article on your smartphone, it's highly likely that the glass your finger is on right now is made by the very same company who have put together this very slick video. The company is called Corning and they are glass specialists. This latest video from the company wants to demonstrate [...]

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Google’s “Mobilegeddon” Update Starts Today

Last week I wrote about Google's impending change to it's search algorithm. It's a change which is going to start ranking higher websites that are mobile and tablet friendly, whilst at the same time lowering those that are not. Why is this a big deal? Well, when you consider that six out of ten searches [...]

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