Not Got A Mobile Friendly Website? Google Is About To Punish You

Google is about to make a change, on April 21st to be specific, that is going to seriously change how it's search displays it's results. And our very own window industry could stand to lose out, that is if you haven't got a mobile-friendly website. Here's what you need to know... More mobile-ready websites in [...]

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Open Sesame, The Rather Funky Smart Door Lock

The world is desperately trying to produce a smart door lock that works, is easy to install, even easier to use and that looks good too. I have written in the past about smart locks from companies called Kevo and August. Both were early attempts at the technology and were on the fairly expensive side. [...]

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The Problem With Electronic Hardware

As the Internet of Things continues to grow and home automation gets easier to get our heads round, there are going to be more and more appliances that we'll be able to control from our phones and tablets, including our doors. As an example, here is a product that you can buy from Apple called [...]

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Will The Internet Of Things Come To Windows And Doors?

Heard of the "internet of things"? If not, basically the internet of things are items and objects controlled via the use of the internet. For example, we now have light bulbs that can be operated via an app on your smartphone, smart thermostats like the one from Nest which you can control from your phone. [...]

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Apps Are Going To Become Key Consumer Sales Tool

I have written before on DGB about the immense amount of choice that exists in our industry now. Even for me, who actively works selling it all, I find it a minefield sometimes. So what chance does a homeowner have at understanding the enormous amount of choice out there and how it can be customised? [...]

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The Exciting Possibilities Of Glass Technology

Something a little different for today's post, a video. I found this small Israeli company, based in Tel Aviv, who specialise in glass technology. They are called Gauzy and this video shows us what is possible with glass using technologies that already exist today: Transparent solar cell controlled glass, see-through fridges that let [...]

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Door-Stop’s Brochure Builder Points To Future Of Print Marketing

I'm not a Door-Stop customer, as some of you will know, but whether you are a customer or not, you have got to take your hat off to their marketing department for really pushing the boundaries of how we should be marketing our products. Remember those big white "books" they introduced? They weren't brochures. Filled [...]

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Support For Android As Well As iOS

I went to see a customer the other night, you know, on a proper "lead" ;-) and he had been looking online at composite doors, specifically in this case at Solidor composite doors. Like me, this client had Android devices, so he had to use his daughter's iPad Mini to download the Solidor app to [...]

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Something Cool For The Future

I am a bit of a geek. I'm always looking things for things which might have an influence on how we might sell our products in the future, and if there are any new innovations which could change the way consumers use the glass in their home. Well, I watched this video and I couldn't [...]

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3D Printing – Has It A Future In Fenestration?

For the tech geeks out there, you will know that the annual technology spectacular has been held in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I have been watching the coverage on YouTube all week and there really is some staggering technology set to go mainstream this year. But one thing lacking from this year's [...]

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LCD Credit Cards

Check this out: Seen it? Yes, that's right, that is a credit card with a LCD touch screen on it! How friggin' cool is that?! These new cards, the fruits of a partnership between Master Card and Standard Chartered, are available in Singapore and will be launched globally in January 2013. I'm annoyed, I'm with [...]

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A Mobile Industry?

When I say 'mobile', I mean mobile in more than just the phone sense. But phones and other technology have helped. The smartphone, or now 'super-phone' as they're being called now, as well as laptops and tablets, have allowed tasks to be done on the move, at home, in coffee shops and so on. The [...]

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Tech Impresses

We live in a modern world people! If you don't move forward with the future, you're going to get left behind. Simple. This rule applies to our industry as well as everything else. The days of oversized sample windows in carry cases are dead. Ringing "your manager" to ask for discounts are dead. Hell, even [...]

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