Ultion’s SMART Lock Tops Esquire’s Tech List

Products from the window and door industry rarely make their way into the mainstream. We're just not one of those industries where our products really reach the daily lives of people. However, on the odd occasion they do. Composite doors are perhaps the most obvious one to point out. Most home owners who walk [...]

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Glazerite Is At The Forefront Of The Smart Home Movement

This is a sponsored article by Brisant Secure The Ultion lock has been fitted as standard for many years by The Glazerite UK Group Ltd, offering homeowners safe, secure doors that stop burglars entering their homes. The pressure for door manufacturers to enter the smart home market has been vast, with homeowners wanting the [...]

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Apple’s iOS13 Will Crash Yale’s Conexis® Lock App

I have a long held belief that when it comes to smart door tech, no matter the product, there should always be some kind of manual override. Usually a key operated version. Most smart door locks come with such an override. Because, with the best will in the world, electronics can fail at times, [...]

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Smart Window & Door Tech Will Only Be A Success If Its Easy To Use

This year has seen a lot of smart window and door tech launched, most of it at the FIT Show. Whilst there have been products out there in the market for a while now, its been sporadic and with mixed results. Now, we are spoiled for choice. We have Kubu by Avantis, Brisant Secure's [...]

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DGB Joins Instagram!

I've done it. I've finally given in and decided to create a DGB Instagram account. There is much I don't like about social media, and the insane vanity it has brought to the world. But, I have been told that there is a rather large glazing industry community on there, so it seems foolish [...]

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43% Believe The Fenestration Industry Is Ready For Smart Tech

Another week and another DGB poll has ended, this time with results that I would say are less than conclusive. At the start of last week I asked the industry whether it thought it was ready for smart window and door technology. After the FIT Show this was one of my big themes that [...]

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NSG Group And Ubiquitous Energy To Jointly Develop Transparent Solar Windows

This article was originally published on the Ubiquitous Energy website Redwood City, CA – NSG Group (Nippon Sheet Glass, Co. Ltd. ), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the architectural, automotive and technical glass sectors, has announced a joint development agreement between its subsidiary and Ubiquitous Energy, a leader in transparent [...]

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Is The Fenestration Industry Ready For Smart Window And Door Tech?

One of the big takeaways from the FIT Show this year was that smart window and door tech is really starting to take root in the sector now. Brisant Secure launched their Ultion SMART door cylinder. Smart Ready had their product displayed across a number of stands and products, as well as their own. [...]

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Yale Had Smart Lock Problems At The Weekend

Technology is a great thing is it not? It's allowing you to read this via your phone, tablet or laptop. You can order groceries to your door at a specific time and day. You can purchase almost any product online. You can chat to people around the world in real-time. It has made our [...]

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SageGlass Connects It’s Dynamic Glass To Amazon’s Echo

"Alexa, dim the glass". Some of you will know who SageGlass is. For those who don't, they are a US-based arm of Saint-Gobain whose marquee product is their electrochromic dynamic glass that can tint on command. Here it is in action: It is widely used in medical facilities and office buildings in [...]

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How Software Is Changing The Window Industry

As an industry we're in the midst of massive change and overhaul. Products of old are slowly being phased out. Better, more advanced products are taking their place. You only need to look to the rise of aluminium, the transformation of PVCu profiles, the endless ranges of architectural hardware. The industry has gone through [...]

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Would You Stop Using Facebook?

There has been much in the news these past couple of weeks about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and their misuse of personal data affecting at least 87m people around the world. Around one million Brits have been affected. The majority of others were in the US. To many, this probably won't have come as a [...]

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Where Could Robots Take Window Industry Jobs?

Our daily lives are being quietly evolved into something a lot more tech-based. Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, lots of us have at least one or all three of these. And no doubt that many of your reading this have either Amazon's Echo devices powered by Alexa, Apple's Hompod or Google Home. These are smart [...]

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Buying Windows And Doors With Bitcoin Would Be Way Too Risky

Bitcoin. The world's most famous cryptocurrency, or digital currency, whichever term you prefer. For those who may not know why it has been in the news so much lately, the value of Bitcoin has had a near vertical rise in recent months, prompting valid concerns of a rather large bubble: Credit: Markets Insider [...]

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This Video Demonstrates The Future Of Door And Home Security

You may have seen a little while ago a video and post on social media that grabbed the attention of our industry. Just in case you didn't see it, this is the video: What you're watching there are two scrotes of society failing to break into a door thanks to an Ultion [...]

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Could Robots Replace UK Fenestration Jobs In The Future?

In recent days there have been features online and on TV media about the future of technology and robots and what it could mean for our jobs in the future. It got me thinking about technology in our industry. We all use some forms of advanced technology in our day to day jobs in [...]

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