As of the 1st September, installers will now be able to install their energy rated windows under their own labels, and not their supplier’s. From the selling angle, this is great for installers, as I’m sure many would rather advertise energy rated windows under their own label, and not their supplier’s.

For a change there doesn’t seem to be much hassle and hard work to gain this status. After early study, to become an Authorised Retailer the installer must purchase the complete product from a licence holding manufacturer (which is what almost all will be doing now), fill in application forms which would be supplied by the BFRC, agree to the T’s and C’s and pay the relevant BFRC fees. So there shouldn’t be much leg work.

Installers will now be able to push their own energy rated window labels to their advantage.

One thing that’s lacking is any substantial information on the scheme on the BFRC website, but it may just be that it’s waiting to be updated. Personally I’ve always found the website a bit wishy-washy.