Here’s a thought…

Could the double glazing industry really take hold of the advantages of the Internet?
Now most companies, be it installers or suppliers, either have a website or are developing better ones. But what I’m specifically talking about is communication between ALL companies, both manufacturers and installers. When I say communication, I don’t mean simple phone calls or the odd e-mail. We have a great tool with which we can spark great debate and discussion, blogs. Blogs are the new conversation rooms where endless numbers of people and businesses can join in conversations, air their views and ask questions. If we could get more and more companies up and down the country to get online and start talking to each other, start voicing their opinions with others in our industry, I think real progress can be made in the development of products, services and standards within our industry overall.

For our industry to unite, we all need to communicate properly, stop the accusations between companies and start to develop a collective voice. We could become much stronger as an industry and start to have more of a say as to where our industry goes in the future.