The new website is coming along nicely. Though more pages which I think could be relevant keep getting added, making the task bigger by the day!

We’ve had a sudden, and I mean sudden, surge of business. A constant steady flow of customers into the showroom, the quality of the appointments has picked up dramatically in the last week and appointments numbers on a whole has gone up. We’ve also had more activity generated through the Internet. We put in a lot of effort in improving our Internet presence months ago, since then there has been a steady increase in the number of appointments made via the Internet, most of them coming from google.

I think one thing to remember is that while the Internet is becoming a great new tool in which to create business, companies can’t rely on the web for all their business (as i know one of the larger double glazing companies in West Yorkshire are) and put all their eggs in that basket. As a company we are always wanting to expand our presence on the web, but our focus will also be on bringing customers into the showroom, which, in our opinion, is the key to obtaining orders from clients.

On a completely different subject, last Thursday we were able to negotiate a deal with our manufacturers to be able to sell our energy ‘A’ rated windows at the same cost of ‘E’ rated. Meaning we can now advertise energy ‘A’ rated windows as standard. A useful tool, especially as most other companies will still be having to show an extra charge for ‘A’ rated windows.