While the economy as a whole may be on the road to recovery, it is clear to see from the latest report from Palmer Market Research that our sector is far from out of the wood yet (despite all my positivity in come of my recent posts!).

The window and door market as a whole in 2008 dropped by 17%, giving the market a value of £4.32 billion. The market, according to PMR, is not likely to recover until 2011-12.

Conservatories have taken the biggest hit, dropping 27% in 2008, with a predicted further 25% drop in 2009.

For windows, in 2008 the market slumped 14%, and is expected to drop a further 16% in 2009.

Installation values have been predicted to drop 18% this year and 6% for 2010.

Areas like composite doors and secondary glazing have seen a surge, but these niche areas provide no real drive to bring the market as a whole out of the doldrums. The best thing for companies to do at the minute is to keep the mindset of recession, keep the effort levels up, and drive on as if times were as hard as they were 6-9 months ago. That way we don’t slacken off because we think things are getting better, we now always have to assume that things could always get worse, very quickly. It keeps us on our toes and businesses operating as efficiently and productively at all times. 

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