I said on RCG’s blog I wouldn’t write a post about the changes to Document L because Kevin Ahern covered my point well. But I’m going to, and I’m going to be blunt!

I think the BFRC and the GGF had all this planned months ago, it’s all too convenient! The BFRC set up the OPTIONAL Authorised Retailers scheme to let installers have WER certificates in their own name, which they have to pay for of course. Then the busy bodies who decide on rule changes decide it’s a good idea to change the compliance to Part L to needing to have a WER certificate in the installer’s name. How coincidental, so when the changes come into force in 2010, installers will have to buy the BFRC certification and licences anyway!

This just shows just how bent our industry really is, trying to scheme more money out of us, then changing the rules to make it necessary anyway!

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