Last week I told myself I’ve got to get this website done! So I’ve set myself a target of Christmas to try and complete it, and the end of January to get the website polished and up live on the web. The problem I’m fighting against is time. While it remains busy, my time available to work on the website is seriously reduced, so I’m back on to the night shifts to try and make some decent progress.

Once the website is up and running properly, it needs to be backed up with an effective awareness campaign, getting as much traffic to the site as possible. From there it will be expanded with customer testimonials, some new, some fairly recent ones from 2009. As the months go by the picture library on the site will become larger and more in-depth, allowing customers more possibility to find exactly what they require.

One thing that won’t be on there will be anything flashy, brash or any in-your-face ‘offers’ or ‘discounts’. We’ve had feedback from our customers and they’ve explained to us that even though our existing site may not be the most modern or slick, it’s clear, concise and they are able to view more options on doors, conservatories and windows than any other double glazing website.