Orchid Windows and Conservatories of Wakefield is now Orchidwindows.com.

I’ve had a look on their website, which isn’t too shabby, but that is all it is. It looks like they have got rid of their showroom as there are no details about it at all, and have now become a purely internet based company. They are based at Sherwood Industrial Estate in Robin Hood, Wakefield, but that may just be the office where they now operate from and has no showroom purpose.

It will be interesting to see how much of a presence they can create on the internet. They will have to do some extra advertising to help push traffic to their website. But spending money, especially after reducing the size of your company and doing it in the run up to Christmas, is a risky thing. I doubt much of an impact will be made. The spring however will be the time to make a push as lead levels start to rise dramatically.

The issue though then turns to whether to allow companies/people that have had financial troubles through their own doing to set up the same company in a different name.