All over the TV and radio you see and hear of sales. From sofas and furniture, and especially double glazing, and they always end with a deadline sounding something like: “must end Sunday” or something along those lines. But for a sale to have some modicum of credibility, it must actually have to come to an end!

A prime example is the Safestyle, and especially the DFS adverts. Both of which offer ‘superb’ offers and great ‘deals’. But people have become weary of them (especially Safestyle, I know it memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. Most people find him annoying, and who would buy windows from a guy who throws them on the floor like they are made from cardboard!). Every week there’s a new offer, and every Sunday it ends, just for a new one to start again on Monday. It’s lost all it’s credibility because people know it’s never ever going to end! And because of that, people won’t rush in on a weekend making sure they get there in time before it ends. Making the whole point of a ‘Sale’, pointless.

If companies are going to embark on TV land with adverts advertising sales and giving some indication that these ‘offers’ and ‘discounts’ are going to end at some point, they must. It gives the business and the sale credibility and believability. If they don’t, they could end up in a position like DFS, where their sale is now just a national joke and has no credence.