December’s figures for companies going bust went up to 195 from 176 (figures courtesy of http://www.double-glazing-forum.com/) in November. Not much of an increase you may think, but with the bad weather that came early this month, and many tax bills to be paid by the end of January, I think we can expect a big rise for this month and the next. All this will come as good news for others in the industry as this will make some room in an already crowded market place. 

December brought the curtain down on a very turbulent 2009. A year which many hope will not be repeated for a very, very long time. Some might say the industry needed such a jolt, to get rid of deadwood suppliers and installers. And in some respects they would be right. Too many bad companies were drifting about, undercutting other companies and stealing business as they were sinking under. Leaving unwitting customers with worthless guarantees.

However, when a company does go, and is forced to without any fault of their own, it is a sad day. Thoughts have to turn the the employees and their families. The businesses that we don’t mind going are the ones that duck and dive their way through business, phoenixing every five minutes, making trading difficult for others around them.