This post isn’t about windows, in fact it’s about as opposite as it could be!

Today we saw the beginning of one of Britain’s finest companies being handed to the Americans. This is a sad day as it means a few things. One, that hundreds of jobs will probably go when Kraft take over. Creating jobs in other countries or America where wages will be cheaper. Leaving the unfortunate British to cope with yet more unemployment unfairness. Second is that a great industry and great company of this country will fall into foreign hands. This just compounds the issue of so many businesses, companies and industries in this country not actually being owned or run by this country! The more businesses that fall into the hands of foreigners, the worse our employment situation will be. Take for example the depot strikes about a year ago in Grimsby (think it was there, or at least somewhere near ther!). That was due to the company in charge not giving the British workers the chance to win the employment contract. Instead the contract was given to the Portuguese, despite the fact that the construction of the new depot was in the north east of England!

Even in this industry a lot of companies that provide the raw materials are foreign owned. Our manufacturer is British owned, and we make a point of that. The reason behind that is we know that there is an increasing attitude of disgust that everything we buy in thic country is either foreign made or the company producing it isn’t British. There is also a swinging attitude change to buy local and buy British. The more we can aid to this cause the better it will be for the country as a whole. We have to bring industry back to this country. This will help the unemployment situation and help the economy overall. This country used to be THE becon of industrial and economic development. But now, we rely on everybody else doing well, otherwise we suffer! Something doesn’t add up there!