As readers of this blog will be aware, I’m not scared to post information, rumours or stories which may cause provocation. If there is a company going under, I will report it. If there is inside information worth posting, then it will be posted. But this doesn’t necessarily make me many friends. I won’t shy away from posting my opinions or any information company related. If I do write about other companies, I try not to write offensively, and do try and write informatively. If I ever do write something that is incorrect I will always apologise and ask to be pointed out where I went wrong.

I understand also that some of the things I may write can get me into a bit of bother. I know that if I write about a company going bust and I’m wrong, then it could cause me difficulties. But, with blogs being a free and (almost) unregulated form of media, I will always continue to publish my thoughts and information in my own fresh way.

I do also think many blogs shy away from saying what they really want to say. There is a lot of political correctness and politeness being posted, but not enough strong opinion. There’s lots of wishy washy blurb on blogs, and not jst double glazing ones.

Case in point is the latest rumour to be banded about. The name of the company thought to be in question has been posted on here by an anonymous reader. But why the hell not! There’s a rumour, it’s interesting and worth knowing, it keeps blogs like these worth reading!