>When Is Something Free Not Free?

>I received this email the other day, the sender has asked me to keep their identity and who they work for secret. Take a read and see what you think:To Swiss V head office Switzerland:For the Last 8 Months we have been using SwissV spacer bar to comply with new UK building Regs.We get our Glass [...]

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>Everest Mementos Stolen!

>It appears someone has stolen a framed photo and feather from the Ted Moult Everest TV adverts. Here's the report from The Northern Echo:An ill wind has blown through Britain’s highest pub, taking with it an “irreplaceable” piece of television history.Staff at the Tan Hill Inn, near Richmond, North Yorkshire, are appealing for the safe return [...]

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>Why The Double Glazing Industry Is Fighting A Losing Battle

>I'm not going to copy and paste the report, it's just not good journalism! But I will put the link to the article here: these terrible people are continuing to pollute our industry with criminal practices, we are always going to be fighting off an unfair reputation for the rest of us.

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>The Real Reason Why DGCOS Hasn’t Exploded Onto The Scene

>An interview with Tony Pickup in the GGP Magazine revealed their tough qualification process for installers:The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS), has released figures showing that 39% of installers do not succeed in gaining accreditation.Launched earlier this year, the scheme has attracted many long established and reputable firms but many installers fail to [...]

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>The DGCOS Debate 2

>I feel the debate about the DGCOS is due to run it's course sometime soon, and personally I'm starting to tire of the whole thing.All of us with an opinion have made their opinions known, and most of those have been negative ones. It's too expensive. It's a gimmick. It's another unnecessary governing body. It [...]

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>Whistle Blowing

>The subject of whistle blowing on bad double glazing companies is a tough one. On one hand, lots of us feel that it is only right to name and shame the companies which tarnish the reputation of our industry with their bad practices and poor customer service. On the other, if your company appeared on [...]

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>Removal Of Two Posts

>Regular readers will find that I have had to remove two posts due to the threat of legal action. Claims were made that these posts were libellous, in my opinion they were only voicing my opinion about the health of the conservatory industry and how companies can be doing so well despite the difficult trading [...]

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>Never Bad Mouth Your Competitors

>There is nothing more annoying than when you find out your competitors have been bad mouthing you to customers. But what makes it worse is when the company dishing out the abuse is getting what they are saying wrong! One of our reps went to see a customer yesterday and found that one of our [...]

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>Can Blogs Be Dangerous?

>As readers of this blog will be aware, I'm not scared to post information, rumours or stories which may cause provocation. If there is a company going under, I will report it. If there is inside information worth posting, then it will be posted. But this doesn't necessarily make me many friends. I won't shy [...]

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>National Companies Create False Customer Hopes

>Recently we have seen campaigns by Everest and Anglian Home Improvements advertising their own scrappage schemes. From their point of view, the campaign to get the government to introduce a scrappage scheme design to benefit the double glazing industry provided the perfect advertising gimmick, and no doubt it may have swung a few customer's their [...]

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>WER’s Save A Stagnant Industry

>What would have happened to the window industry if WER's hadn't come along? Before window energy ratings showed their face, companies were trundeling along, selling their windows and doors on the same selling points: security and aesthetics. What used to split companies apart was the security that was used in their windows and doors. Luckily [...]

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>If You Value British Industry, Read This, Then Pass It On To As Many People As You Can!

>The following is a heart-felt plea by Felicity Loudon to the shareholders of Cadbury to fight against the take over deal by Kraft:Dear fellow shareholders,In 1824, John Cadbury started commercial production of chocolate and founded the Cadbury brand. Then in 1879, his son George opened the family's factory at Bournville, on the outskirts of Birmingham, with [...]

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>A Sad Day For British Industry

>This post isn't about windows, in fact it's about as opposite as it could be! Today we saw the beginning of one of Britain's finest companies being handed to the Americans. This is a sad day as it means a few things. One, that hundreds of jobs will probably go when Kraft take over. Creating jobs [...]

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>Removal Of Last Post

>Dear Mr Phil JenningsLast night I published a full post based on the comment you left me yesterday. Whether you saw this or not I don't know. I posted your comment and your videos in full in a new post. However, I have been informed by other members of the double glazing community that there [...]

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