Recently I have been told by various customers (and my girlfriend!) that I would be perfect at other proffessions besides selling double glazing.

One of the suggested career changes was to become a journalist. Taking a step back I can see why. I’m always looking on news websites, watching the news on TV, looking for stories that could potentially have some impact or effect. The news does fascinate me, but what really sets my energy going is knowing I could be the one making the stories. I have a passion to make a difference, and I know being involved in journalism I can do just that. The downside is that I would have to study, which isn’t practical right now, and the work won’t always be interesting or fulfilling. I only want to be in a job I truly want to do and enjoy, which is the outlook I have now. Plus, what I’m doing now comes with great prospects! There’s only one position left to fill above me! That’s the advantage to being involved in a family run business!

The other popular comment I get from customers is that I would make a good politician. Partly because I have answer for everything! But I think it is also because I come across as polite, confident and being very sure of myself. Skills which are needed for the public side of being a politician. I because I want to make a difference, I can see why I could probably fit the description of being an MP. The big flip side to that choice is the stress, pressure and the lack of credibility politics has at the moment. I’ve always said something is only worth doing if you enjoy it, and because of those disadvantages, that would affect my job satisfaction badly.

What I’m doing now I enjoy completely. I have drive, determination and goals. I’m able to feed off the pressure which comes with commission only selling, which only helps me to achieve. And on top of that, I have the best job prospect. When my parents retire, I’m able to step into their shoes and I have the opportunity to run and own my own business. Hopefully that won’t be too far away!

One thing is certain. While we remain in business, I won’t ever leave where I am working now. We are well established, very profitable, have great working conditions and will always have the opportunity the grow and expand the business.