The worst of the cold snap seems to have passed now, so hopefully we can look forward to a much more productive week at work.

One thing I did notice this week as the latest Everest advert advertising a window scrappage scheme. Looking at the fine print on the ad they will give you up to £2000, £100 per window up to a maximum of 20 windows. What is a concern is if the public start to catch on and think that this window scrappage is a national initiative, just like the boiler and car scrappage schemes. It is going to be up to the rest of the window industry to put customers back on the right path if they start to ask about window scrappage schemes. The risk is that artificial schemes, and not government backed schemes, could back the window industry into a corner.

If scrappage schemes are going to remain talked about, we really need to get behind the petition set up on the Number 10 website. That is the best chance our industry has to get a legitimate scheme up and running that will genuinely benefit the customer.