WER’s have done well for the window industry. I know there is an argument about how we actually come to get accurate values to come up with an eventual rating, but that aside, it’s given the customer something quantifiable. Just like white goods have the same energy scaling, customers instantly recognise it. But how many of us are really pushing energy efficiency of windows to it’s full potential?

The most likely scenario when it comes to energy efficiency is a customer will go into a showroom and get a demonstration from a salesman. He’ll show them the usual, locks, profile types, colours, security etc and then briefly touch energy efficiency, he might even tell them the rating their windows have. If the customers is switched on he/she will ask what is the difference between an ‘A’ rated window to an ‘E’ rated window. Thats when reps should be able to impress the customer with their expert knowledge of what makes their window so efficient. If he can, good start, but it’s nowhere near the end of what he should be telling the customer. From there he needs to be telling the customer/s all the potential benefits energy efficient windows could bring to them. It’s also an opportunity to upsell. If the customer that has come in only wants to replace the front of their house, there is instantly an argument for replacing the back.

When we face that scenario, the amount of customers that go from replacing a few windows to all of them is huge. If they see an opportunity to claw back some of the money they spend on extra windows through lower energy bills, you’ve immediately got their attention. We also have a CD where if we get certain details about the customer’s property we can give them an estimation of how much money and CO2 they could save over the course of a year. What does also help is if you fit energy rated windows as standard. We made the decision over a year ago to sell ‘A’ rated windows as standard. We managed to negotiate with our suppliers and we have not looked back since. But being able to sell ‘A’ rated windows as standard, and genuinely, not dressed up as an offer, has also been a huge benefit.

Personally, I can’t see why others are still selling ‘C’ or ‘B’ rated windows when ‘A’ rated windows cost hardly anything, if any, extra. But, for now, we’ll be happy to keep that advantage over others!