My evening appointment last night gave me some amusement. I was there to measure up for a door and top light, and they told me they had Everest in previously to quote for the same. The customers showed me the quote Everest submitted (which was on a tatty piece of pink carbon paper) to them. The price started off at a very reasonable £5500, but with their discounts they could have it for a tad over £3600. A bargain if you ask me! The quality of their products must be second to non!

On a serious note, they obviously didn’t want the job and was just fobbing the customer off. That seems like a complete waste to me. When trading conditions have been as tough as they have been, every salesman from every company should be making the effort to competitively sell every lead they go on. Nationals should throw away their minimum order rules and take advantage of what they have to go on.

Needless to say the price we have submitted was a lot less than they had quoted, and we like to think our product is better than their’s also.