We’ve come to the end of a very busy working week and this week has been by far the most productive of the year so far, well for me anyway!

We’ve had another good week for incoming sales, so much so that fitting is fully booked up until the third week in April. Because I have been so busy, the blog and Twitter have taken up less of my time, which is good in a way. Shows I’m being useful!

What is also important is that I am ahead for the month out of the other salesmen, so bragging rights at the moment are all mine! Not that I think winning the month is already in the bag, the other reps will be hot on my trail looking to overtake me. So luckily I’m thousands ahead for next week too.

I don’t use this blog much to self promote, but I’ve had such a feel good factor this past week or two that I thought it was neccessary for once! I’m also hoping that this injection of enthusiasm for replacement windows and doors is a symtom of a more prolonged upturn in fortunes. February was our best month for two and a half years, we’ve continued to build on that so far this month, let’s hope it continues.

Right, no more patting myself on the back!